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Veronesi, aquaculture, Feed, fishfeed

Veronesi for aquaculture

With its own feed range, Veronesi is a rising key player in the Italian and international aquaculture industry. Choosing Veronesi means relying on a responsive, caring partner with decades of experience, who is first and foremost a fish farmer and well aware of the complex dynamics of our specific market.




Complete extruded feed for spawning trout

Two specific formulations with low fat level, but with an extremely high protein biological value. Available both in floating ("Repro F.M. 6 G") and slowly sinking ("Repro F.M. 6" - "Reprolife") form. Only "Reprolife" contains LAPs (Land Animal Products).


The Veronesi quality management system complies with international UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards